Plum perfect

Our golden plum tree is providing a bumper crop this year.  We started picking quart baskets on Friday when it seemed as though just a few were ripe.  Our neighbours got a few quarts, I took one to work.  We ate one.  Tonight when we looked at the tree, we realized the majority of the crop was ready, so our younger daughter got busy.

She picked for about 45 minutes, and brought these in:

Now, what to do with this bounty?  We can only eat so many of these fresh, delicious though they are , so we’re hunting up things to do with them.  No one here is a plum jam fan (say that three times fast).  My dehydrator is broken.  My husband has plans for 12 pounds of them for a plum madeira recipe he’s always wanted to try.   There’ll be plenty left over when he takes his share out.  Any suggestions?