Gon Out. Bisy. Back soon.

In Which Dawn is very Busy and Cannot Find Time to Write the Blog, so Decides to Let Faithful Followers Know that She Has Not Forgotten, but is Just Busy and Will Get Back to Writing the Blog Eventually.  

But rest assured, the layer hens are producing lots of eggs, have not bust out of their new fencing – yet, and the honeysuckle is reviving but at a pace I can cope with.  The new brushcutter is a wonder, and I have cut huge swaths in some brambly areas.  Today is the last burn day until October, but things are too wet to burn, so we are now relegated to making piles of cut brambles ready for that time, unless our friend Mike has time to do some chipping for us (he’s an arborist) before then. The Veg garden was tilled last week by Hay Guy, and I’m hoping to be ready to plant peas and potatoes tomorrow – a little late for both, but not by too much, I hope. Onions and tomatoes are in seed trays, basil too.  Speaking of Hay Guy, he cut some hay across the road last week as well – the earliest in my memory – I think in his too.

One teen is back from her Spain/Italy trip – loved it, despite the rain over there.  Barcelona and Pompeii were definitely highlights.  She is gearing up to stage manage the upcoming school musical, among other busyness, and is thoroughly enjoying her Chemistry class.  The other, finished university for the year, and soon to be no longer a teen, is heading to China with a friend in a month, so is also fairly busy pulling together last minute details.  Hubby’s business is booming, and he is looking at hiring yet another team member this year.

Pigs are supposed to arrive the end of May – maybe I’ll be able to squeeze in time for a post then, and broilers some time after that.  This is a year in which the focus is to maintain the status quo.  I have moved to a full time position in a larger branch of the library, just a short commute down the highway from here.  Not as close as the small local branch I’ve enjoyed so much this past year – but – full time.  I couldn’t pass it up.  Double the pay, full pension.  You know.

So. Working full time and farming full time is not as easy in my fifties as it might have been had I been twenty years or so younger.  I’m not totally sure how I’m going to manage everything when I already found myself fairly stretched last year, working part time. And it’s not like I farm at a scale even approaching what most would consider full time.  We’ll see.  I have the younger teen on hand to help out, unless she gets a better paying job elsewhere.  It seems obvious that I need to spend my “spare” time carefully – and screen time, even in the form of blogging, may not be my best choice.  I have more than once this past month caught myself passing up family time to sit in front of my computer screen, and that’s backwards.

So this is just to say, we’re still here, still doing our small farm thing.  Among other things.  I just won’t be posting about it very often, at least for now.

I hope you all have a great summer/winter (depending which hemisphere you’re reading in).  I do check all your blogs pretty regularly, but I may slow down on commenting (maybe that”ll be a good thing for some of you!).  I look forward to hearing about winter in Christchurch and Melbourne, summer in northern BC, Ontario, Washington, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Virginia, PEI, the UK and France.

P.S.  I tried to find a classic Pooh image of the “Gon Out. Bisy Back Soon” quote, but couldn’t find one I liked.  The Disney version gets the point across well enough. Here’s an image of the classic version to satisfy my Engilsh soul.


Poisson d’avril

Or April Fool’s Day, depending on your background.

For years on this day, there was a lot of back slapping and hugging around my house as the kids endeavoured to tape paper fish to everyone’s backs surreptitiously.  It’s a French tradition, brought into our family through the girls’ Franch Immersion in school, where all their teachers were from France or Quebec.  For a charming example of some fish, check out Brat Like Me’s blogpost today, which is what reminded me of the tradition.

But my kids grew up, and the tricks got trickier.  The most outstanding one in everyone’s memory is the year my youngest used food colouring to change the colour of the milk – blue.  A 4L jug of milk, brand new – blue.  Do you know what colour macaroni cheese becomes with blue milk?  Or tea?  Or porridge?  It was the joke that lasted for days.

I keep thinking my kids are growing out of childish traditions, but apparently not.  This morning, while I was outside doing chores, the youngest, now 17, taped paper over the electronic “eye” on my computer mouse, and dyed the coffee cream pink, and then left for school.  I guess she was being easy on me – pink is not so bad in coffee, and I troubleshoot mice all the time at work, so it was a matter of a minute before I figured out that one, but…

Is it immature of me that I toilet papered the whole doorway to her room?