In Flanders Fields

In Flanders Fields

Bronze book at Lt-Col John McRae’s birthplace in Guelph, Ontario

Our oldest daughter went to Normandy with a school trip two years ago, and visited a Canadian cemetery while there. She told us that the number of crosses and markers in the cemeteries is just overwhelming. Standing at the viewpoint, the patterns made by the rows were mesmerizing in their magnitude and symmetry.

It was not until she got to walk between some markers that she really absorbed the fact that each one stood for a person.  As she stood there in a sea of white markers spread around her, contemplating the name on the cross nearest her, she fully understood in a way that no textbook, test, video or parent could have taught her, the cost of war.


Beny-sur-Mer Cemetery, Normandy
2049 buried here, 4 British, 1 French, the rest Canadians, all lost in the early stages of the Battle of Normandy, WWII

Lest we forget.