Future egg layers

The new laying flock arrived Wednesday morning, 58 of them.  These are Red Sussex Cross, a hybrid from Rochester Hatchery in Alberta.  I haven’t tried this breed before, but they are supposed to be good dual purpose birds; they are a cross between Rhode Islands and Columbian Rocks.  I can’t remember whether the rooster is RI or CR, but whatever….they are very pretty chicks.

You may remember I was forced to get creative in making a brooder for them.  Here’s what I came up with:


These pictures were taken Wednesday morning when they arrived – even after two days, they are still pretty flighty – crowding away from whoever comes into the room, as you can see above.  Because I left for the Joel Salatin workshop Wednesday afternoon, and my husband was still pretty sick, the girls looked after both batches of chicks for me, and did a wonderful job.  And I’m glad to say my husband’s infection is under control finally – he doesn’t have to go in for the IV treatments anymore, just has to swallow three huge capsules a day for the next week.  He’s smiling again, always a good sign.