9 thoughts on “Sunday Snapshots

  1. Loving your pictures, thanks for sharing! Plums and garlic – color me jealous!

  2. Hunting with a squirt gun? You Canadians…

    What’s the plan for the plums? Didn’t you make wine last year?

    • She got a hit, too. Do not get me started on hunting. We have a massive deer problem in my area, and all that’s happened is a committee that’s been discussing for two years. One of the jurisdictions in the city had complaints about deer eating roses in the posh residential area and wham! an action plan that involved striking a committee….now someone’s twigged that more deer means more incidence of Lyme’s disease and the health authority for the whole region, has weighed in – and struck a different committee. In the meantime…water blaster is about our best option. I took my geriatric dog out there the day before and she didn’t even see the deer, who wasn’t remotely worried by my presence-the dog just got down and rolled in something, ignoring the deer.

      Plum wine did not happen last year – those plums are still in the freezer, probably going to be pig food, as I need freezer space in a month or so. I have sold about 10 lbs, the family has eaten about 10 lbs, and I’ve given away about 10 lbs. They make a nice fruit leather, but the kids are less keen on fruit leather than they used to be, so I’m back to making plum sauce (for chicken, etc).

  3. Beautiful plums! It’s on my “Want to plant” list. Do you know what type those are? We’ll be putting our garlic bed in this fall (which is coming up way too quickly for my liking!) I think those deer would look better in the freezer! 🙂

    • I can’t remember the variety type – we planted that tree as a sapling about 10 years ago – but it’s Japanese, self pollinating, and it must be something commonly available, as I got it from a very mainstream nursery in town. They’re called golden plums, but when ripe the skin is tinged red. Flesh is very sweet. We’ve had crops for about the last 8 years, the last 3 years very prolifically – so far this season we’ve picked about 50 lbs, and I figure there’s another 50 lbs still on the tree.
      That water blaster is about as lethal as we’re allowed to get with the deer, but I agree, it would look a lot better in my freezer. There is not enough political will to take action on any solutions beyond “public education” so far.

  4. df says:

    Fantastic collection of photos, and envious of your plums too! This is my first year with a proper garlic harvest, so that picture really made me smile. Harvest time is such deep pleasure.

  5. I agree about harvest – something deep in our psyche I suppose from earlier times. Garlic is about it for my harvest this year, on the other hand, unlike you with all your greens and beets and carrots.

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