Plum perfect

Our golden plum tree is providing a bumper crop this year.  We started picking quart baskets on Friday when it seemed as though just a few were ripe.  Our neighbours got a few quarts, I took one to work.  We ate one.  Tonight when we looked at the tree, we realized the majority of the crop was ready, so our younger daughter got busy.

She picked for about 45 minutes, and brought these in:

Now, what to do with this bounty?  We can only eat so many of these fresh, delicious though they are , so we’re hunting up things to do with them.  No one here is a plum jam fan (say that three times fast).  My dehydrator is broken.  My husband has plans for 12 pounds of them for a plum madeira recipe he’s always wanted to try.   There’ll be plenty left over when he takes his share out.  Any suggestions?

9 thoughts on “Plum perfect

  1. wildramp says:

    Last Wednesday while I was volunteering at the Wild Ramp Market, a woman walked in and said she had garlic to ell, signed up to be a Producer, and then mentioned she had access to a peach tree. Later that afternoon she brought in several bushel baskets! Perhaps there is a local fresh food market, but if not, think about a local restaurant that might purchase them from you…a place with a good reputation for a creative chef. If they won;t buy them, perhaps you can trade for a meal for your family.

    • oooh, I would happily trade for a meal for my family :). I never thought about offering them to any of the local market stands…thank you!

      • wildramp says:

        As I wander the state and meet farmers I am beginning to feel a bit like a matchmaker…I have this info I learned from Farmer A and later, Farmer B is looking for exactly that piece of knowledge. I can tease B with my simplified summary and present the contact information for a more thorough discussion. LOL

  2. R C says:

    Italians I know love canned plums (like peaches). I’ve seen them use the purple kind (European) but maybe fooling around with them would yield some results.
    If that turns out to be not your kick, then a nearby hog would dig into your excess happily 🙂

    • I do not have fond memories of canned plums from my childhood (slimy skins), but I have had canned plums in Italy, and it’s a different food entirely than what I remembered. If we need to, we may can a couple of jars. But we think we found our solution – plum sauce! Goes great with chicken and pork, would be nice with cheese, and it uses about 4 pounds. Younger daughter also thinks she might set up a roadside stand today, and try selling some. Have to see if that happens.

  3. If I lived near you, I’d buy a bushel! I love plums and one of these years I’m going to plant a tree.

  4. Maybe you should get some extra carboys.

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