The Local Parade

National Green Party Leader, M.P. for my area, how perfect that she used a horse drawn wagon instead of a Caddy…

Because what Canada Day parade would be complete without a Mountie? This one coaches track and field for kids in his spare time.

She’s in 4-H, raises a steer and a lamb every year, and I just really liked her smile! She gave us candy, too!

My 14 yr old thought this one was “creepy” – I would have said funky. Whatever, it’s advertising one of my favourite places to eat on the whole Island.

I haven’t watched our small town Canada Day parade for a couple of years, so when my 14 year old said she’d be “ok” with going (that’s teen speak for “I”ll be so disappointed if we don’t see it”, or that’s how I interpreted it anyway), off we went – coffee and hot chocolate in hand – because you can see that it’s not raining, but not exactly warm either.  This parade starts with the town crier and ends with the fire department.  The only bands are the fiddle orchestra, the local concert band, the air cadets and the pipe band – you have to have a pipe band in a parade, or it’s not a parade.  Oh, and this year we had a band called “Black Rum”, waving their Newfoundland flag and belting out some classic Maritime tunes – my teen put space between us in case I did something silly like sing along .  It’s the kind of parade where everyone watching knows at least someone in it – and that is really what makes it such great fun – although my teen tells me that the candy is the whole reason for going.  I must say, the one on one time with my girl was pretty great too.  So what kind of parade does your town put on?

3 thoughts on “The Local Parade

  1. I love going to small town parades where people know the marchers and candy is thrown!

  2. My wife’s grandfather owns a truck repair shop. He bought a fire truck for all of his great-grandchildren to ride in during the Halloween parade. The kids throw handfuls of candy the first 1/3 of the parade then wave the rest of the ride. Good times.

    In your pictures the horses are near the front. The horses always bring up the rear of our parades. The marching bands stay in step better that way…

    • That is one very cool grandfather. And your kids are very lucky. Those were almost the only horses in the parade. There were about half a dozen miniature horses in the 4-H contingent, about halfway through the parade. A friend of my daughters did get to ride in the vintage police car – her parents are both police officers, and one was driving. The kid was dressed in stripes and handcuffed in the back…

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