Happy Canada Day!

This is a shamelessly patriotic post – which is very un-Canadian, eh?

July 1st is Canada Day nowadays, but when I was a child, it was called Dominion Day, to commemorate the day in 1867 when Canada became a Confederation of 4 provinces.  Interestingly, not all the provinces existed at that time – BC didn’t join till 1871, Newfoundland not until 1949.  It was changed to Canada Day in 1982 probably to get people’s thinking away from the connotation of dominion and the fact that we are not “independent” in the sense that the US or France are.  I’m not Quebecois or First Nations, so it’s easy for me to say this, but I’m OK being part of a commonwealth of countries bound by allegiance to one figurehead.  I guess if that figurehead was a despot and tyranny was the order of the day, I’d feel differently.

There are many things I wish Canada would do differently.  There are things I wish had never happened here.  But there is so much that is good about this place and this group of peoples, that for today and becaues of who I am, I’ll raise my glass to Her Majesty and my country, and thank God that I am able to call this home.

Following is a video version of the poem “We are More” written and narrated by Shane Koyczan, a Canadian poet who shared this at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics:

5 thoughts on “Happy Canada Day!

  1. Gavin Webber says:

    Happy Canada Day, from Down Under!

  2. Yes, Happy Dominion Day, Canada. We were in Calgary on July1, 1986. I still admire my photos of the Native Americans in the parade. And those stagecoach races were bonkers!!! We were there to investigate the ins and outs of the Calgary Olympics which we were planning to attend in 1988. We went. We were welcomed and pampered and sent back to the good old US of A with wonderful memories of the Canadian hosts and people. A class act! Happy Dominion Day…That’s what they called it in Calgary in 1986..

    • Thanks! Stagecoach races would be awesome! Closest we got in our local parade this morning was the Kennel Club doing manoeuvres with their dogs. I’ve never been to Calgary, but it’s supposed to be a fun place to visit – I’m glad you enjoyed your time there.

  3. df says:

    I like your sentiments here. Happy Canada Day!

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