Happy pigs

The pigs are now 12 weeks old and seem pretty happy with their lot in life – their only complaint probably would be that management is not serving dinner often enough.  They are getting fed twice a day:  hog feed mixed with water both times, plus in the morning they get an egg each, and any scraps I’ve saved.

Because of work, the bowls stay with the pigs all day, and when I get home, I give them a wash out and serve their dinner, which is just hog feed mixed with water.  After my own dinner or at shutting in time, I give the bowls a rinse out ready for the morning.

Today being Sunday, I was washing out the bowls mid afternoon, and had a little help, as you will see. I love these bowls by the way, and wish they’d been around when I was a kid looking after half a dozen horses.  They’re made of very heavy duty rubber, flexible but sturdy, and can really take a beating.

I’ll let Ham demonstrate:

pigs June 2013 010 pigs June 2013 011 pigs June 2013 012 pigs June 2013 013

Apparently they don’t work well for wallowing.

Just to give Bacon a chance to be in the picture, here they are working on their latest hole to China:

pigs June 2013 018