Flickering Flames

We’ve been so busy all summer, it’s been hard to fit relaxing moments in, and even harder to fit in time to share with neighbours and friends.  Thank goodness for the changing seasons, allowing us to change our pace, slow it down a little.

Thanks FOR having us over!   Great FIRE… FOOD …and FELLOWSHIP with  FRIENDS on a FALL…FRIDAY nite

That was the message a friend sent after we had a couple of neighbouring families over to share a campfire this weekend.  We cooked most of the food in or on the fire:  baked potatoes, veggie kebabs, corn, baked apples and s’mores.  We also had sausage dogs, hot apple cider and hot chocolate.  Everyone was so stuffed we just sat peacefully around the fire, chatting, telling stories, and flame gazing.

In fact, it was so relaxing, I think one person almost fell asleep.

bonfire oct 13 003 bonfire oct 13 002