Poisson d’avril

Or April Fool’s Day, depending on your background.

For years on this day, there was a lot of back slapping and hugging around my house as the kids endeavoured to tape paper fish to everyone’s backs surreptitiously.  It’s a French tradition, brought into our family through the girls’ Franch Immersion in school, where all their teachers were from France or Quebec.  For a charming example of some fish, check out Brat Like Me’s blogpost today, which is what reminded me of the tradition.

But my kids grew up, and the tricks got trickier.  The most outstanding one in everyone’s memory is the year my youngest used food colouring to change the colour of the milk – blue.  A 4L jug of milk, brand new – blue.  Do you know what colour macaroni cheese becomes with blue milk?  Or tea?  Or porridge?  It was the joke that lasted for days.

I keep thinking my kids are growing out of childish traditions, but apparently not.  This morning, while I was outside doing chores, the youngest, now 17, taped paper over the electronic “eye” on my computer mouse, and dyed the coffee cream pink, and then left for school.  I guess she was being easy on me – pink is not so bad in coffee, and I troubleshoot mice all the time at work, so it was a matter of a minute before I figured out that one, but…

Is it immature of me that I toilet papered the whole doorway to her room?


10 thoughts on “Poisson d’avril

  1. Jean Curtis says:

    Ooo. trickier tricks. I keep my eyes open for that!

  2. Immature be damned, I call that a very valid use of your time 🙂

    • They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery – I must have been good, because while I was at work, she got home from school, found her door, and promptly papered her sister’s door. When her sister got home from uni, and expressed bewilderment, they both papered the door to our bedroom, which I have saved for hubby to discover 🙂

  3. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Ha, LOL, love the white-on-white plaid!
    And the rest of the story is great too! We usually have at least two, if not three versions of Christmas, so why not April Fool’s/Poisson d’Avril as well?
    So, am I figuring this out right; mac ‘n cheese with blue milk is green? Ack! (But it does seem kind of Seuss-ish; )
    Happy Spring!!

  4. farmerkhaiti says:

    Oh Dawn, I am just getting caught up on your blog, congrats on the new opportunity with the library, seems like you made a good choice. I just had to laugh about this toilet papered door pic! What a sweet and silly family you have, it’s just so charming! The post about your 94 year old neighbor and the hatching chicks was beautiful. Please keep writing as much as you can, it’s these tales from in the trenches that I think are so valueable for new farmers to learn from, the balancing and the maneuvering and the going on despite everything. Take care!!!!

    • Thanks Khaiti…you’re so busy yourself, I don’t know how you find time to write as much as you do, let alone catch up with my blog – good thing i’m not writing too much right now :). Yeah, I guess this is pretty real, because you’re right, we’re constantly balancing, weighing options, counting costs, and just keeping on keeping on.

      • farmerkhaiti says:

        in a way, when it does become a “do I enjoy this activity or this animal enough to make it worth spending time doing this when I’m tired after coming home from work” analysis, it seems that’s when it’d be easier to be very clear with yourself, unlike those who are so desperate to make any single little penny possible (me, for the first 7 years!!!) that nothing get rationally examined! So keep sharing as much as you can, you have a very vauleable contribution in your writing!!

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