Rainy Days and Mondays

Here’s what my driveway looked like this morning:

Rainy day chair project 003

Yup, not good fence building weather (happy dance!).  Options included taking down the Christmas tree (necessary but depressing), housecleaning (urgently necessary but boring), or starting one of the many rainy day projects on the back end of my long term list.

Rainy day chair project 001

The fabric store was having a big sale, almost as though they had been waiting for me to come in, so that I was able to get a material I wouldn’t normally have been willing to pay for.

Rainy day chair project 002

Then it was home to YouTube and a cup of coffee while I learned how to re-cover dining room chairs.

After that, it was time to actually knuckle down and do it.  You can see how direly we needed to make this project happen.

Rainy day chair project 004


…et voila!   If only I’d known that this project would be finished in a single afternoon, I might have done it a little sooner.

The lovely chairs make the falling apart curtains look a bit more obvious, but fortunately I’m pretty much guaranteed more rainy days before Spring comes.

Birthday celebration for hubby at dinner tonight – we’ll see if he notices the chairs.


15 thoughts on “Rainy Days and Mondays

  1. Well, happy birthday SSF’s husband. Hope you like your new chair coverings! As part of today’s celebration we’re going to take a dip in the driveway. You go first!

    We get a river across the driveway to the yellow house when it rains. Low place where the neighbor’s field flows into our pond. Not a great place for a driveway. Great place for a dry dam though.

    • He didn’t notice :), we had to tell him there was something different about the room. And that took ages because of course he was sitting down…

      The girls refer to that piece of driveway as the lake. The ground is low there all the way over to the barn about 20 ft away, and then there is a dip where the fence joins the barn and I enter the chicken run, and it is much deeper than the driveway – got my feet wet yesterday due to the cracks in my boots at the ankles.

      The yellow house is between the neighbour and the pond? I’m trying to picture it. Seems to me the yellow house would have been built before the pond….

      • House was built around 1915, pond around 1950. There have been tons and tons of rock dumped on the driveway. A lot of it has washed into my poor pond.

        Why do people build in low places? I have a drainage issue arround my barn but I suspect that’s from years of …um…additional fertility.

  2. Lovely chairs – another job well done! Happy Birthday to Mr SSF!
    I am trying to make a trip to the fabric store to recover my ottoman\bench that doubles as a coffee table. Too many splits and tears to ignore, and Magpie chewed the legs as a pup so some sanding and refinishing are in order as well. Once again, you’ve inspired me to get a move on.

  3. Happy birthday from all of us, too. Chairs look wonderful! Hooray for rainy days that stymie fence building – pah! the housework can wait!

    • He had a pretty good birthday – chocolate cheesecake, made by a friend’s daughter because I “won” baking from her in a silent auction fundraiser – and I don’t make cheesecake, so that was a huge treat. And he got 7 books and a whale watching cruise (another silent auction “win” – I did well at the fundraisers this season!, or they did…). One of the books is JO’s Comfort Food.

      • Sounds like he did very well. Whale watching is something I’ve always intended to do but never managed to justify stumping up the cash involved, choc cheesecake is always a winner and Jamie as well! I’d call that spoilt 🙂

  4. farmerkhaiti says:

    You go girl! I never would have even thought one could reupholster a chair! I loved your comment about the silent auctions, how generous you were while also scoring some mega special gifts! I got to do a Whale Watching trip up Tofino 8 years ago, my god was it AMAZING!!!!!!!!

    • Tofino whale watching WOULD be amazing. We both saw our share of whales in the Navy, and also on various sailing holidays (we were once fishing off Nanoose Bay and a whole pod came up around us…we hauled in the fishing line, because clearly the salmon would have moved on!), This certificate is for a company out of Victoria for three hours. We’ll probably see seals at Race Rocks or something, but that’s OK because I really did get a good deal for it and it’s still a great afternoon out.

  5. Bill says:

    Well done! I have often been grateful for the folks who take the time to make those youtube videos.

  6. df says:

    I love the fabric you chose, what a great result! I’d love to know what YouTube tutorial you used, as I could do with that kind of help myself. Thank goodness for inclement weather, you must feel great about those chairs, even if they weren’t noticed right away by everyone in your household 🙂

    • Not to be picky or anything, but I wouldn’t mind if the inclement weather and the clement weather could space themselves a bit better :). Yes, I’m quite pleased with the chairs. Curtains next. YouTube – I just searched “recovering dining room chairs” and several popped up. I just kind of went with whatever advice they all shared. I might learn to do some simple re-upholstery this way too…

      • df says:

        Good luck with getting the weather to listen!! How great that you found the right fabric at a great price. I have several recovering projects and curtain projects that just don’t happen because of the cost of nice fabric, and was pleased to find that buying larger remnants on Etsy can be a nice option. I got a basic foam bench cushion in our mudroom covered affordably that way.

      • I bought quite a bit of the fabric, thinking I’ll make a couple of table runners for the table and sideboards as well. The trick will be to actually following through, because I do have secret stash of absolutely beautiful fabrics that I’ve never used for whatever project I’d had in mind when I bought them. By the way, I never thought of looking on Etsy for something like fabric. I don’t know if I actually would do that – I like to be able feel it.

      • df says:

        I know what you meaning about wanting to feel the fabric; it definitely wouldn’t work for a lot of applications, but for the bench it was worth taking a chance. Good luck with mining that old stash and getting to more projects!

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