Happy New Year!

Sunny warm Christmas Day.  Well, warm for Canada – about 5 C that day.  Days of dozing in the afternoons, walks at the beach, and tons of wonderful leftover turkey meals.

New Year’s Eve, cold and crisp, about -4 C.  Started the bonfire around 9 pm, started toasting vanilla bean and peppermint marshmallows around 11 pm, and had just enough glowing embers to see the year out at midnight.  Awesome, fabulous way to celebrate New Year’s Eve.  We told stories, sang Auld Lang Syne with new lyrics (because none of us could remember the old ones – our best rendition was just humming, we almost sounded like kazoos).  and star gazed.  Talked over plans and ambitions and dreams and hopes for 2015.  I think we have a new family tradition in the making here.

Here’s hoping that 2015 brings you what you need and hope for.  Happy New Year.


7 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Right back at you!
    Very jealous of that fledgling tradition.
    Looking forward to toddling through 2015 with you all at Sailors Small Farm.

    • I hear that beach fires are a way that many bring in the New Year in New Zealand…at least someone up by Wellington said so :). And you wouldn’t have to wear ski jackets and toques and get marshmallow on your mittens…
      Happy New Year!

      • Unfortunately beach fires are banned here – they have a way of becoming dune fires rather quickly. Anyway, part of the fun is being freezing cold on one side, sizzling on the other and avoiding the molten marshmallow scorching the roof of your mouth, isn’t it 🙂

  2. LOL…it’s like you were with us! That’s exactly how it was.

  3. What a lovely tradition to start! I think we might follow suit next year – except at the farm and not the beach. Happy New Year!!!

    • Happy New Year to you and M as well! I think it’s an excellent tradition, and we’re happy for it to spread. Ours was in our usual bonfire spot, a corner of the top field. Hay Guy always worries that I’ll leave a log or something there for him to get snagged in his machinery, but I’m very careful. The New Year’s Eve bonfire was the last of my bramble piles and some of the rotten planks from the porch that the younger teen and I worked on in the summer, plus a couple of logs from a fir that fell a year or two ago.

  4. df says:

    I love that Christmas day photo on the beach! A red canoe is not something we ever get to see at this time of year 🙂 Your campfire new year’s sounded absolutely wonderful, what a great night that must have been. Happy new year!!

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