Piglets 7 weeks

To make up for all the long wordy posts lately, here are a couple of pictures of the piglets.

Meet Primrose (the “nice” one) and Parsley (the dominant one).

pigs 7 weeks 003small

Expressing their “pigness”, as Joel Salatin would say…

pigs 7 weeks 005small

“…are you lookin’ at me?”

9 thoughts on “Piglets 7 weeks

  1. love the names! they sure are cute.

  2. df says:

    That second picture is priceless; what a pig!

  3. Bill says:

    We’re getting ours tomorrow! 🙂

  4. Wonderful! Life isn’t the same without them…how many? Was it Tamworths you had last time?

  5. PetKid says:

    Those piglets are so cute and goofy looking! How are they doing now? They must be bigger!

    • You know, I had no idea how old they’d become till you asked that question! Last year, I knew how old the piglets were right down to the day. Excuse me while I go check the calendar…they are 10 weeks old. I need to post pictures, they’ve definitely lost the cute look.

  6. farmerkhaiti says:

    oh YAY!!!!!!! This year with the PED thing, piglets have been SUPER scare, which we predicted, so we got ours in Feb. Did you have a hard time finding them?

  7. FInding piglets locally, yes, well nigh impossible as I’d left it far too late. Nikki of Dark Creek Farm had some but had pre sold all of them and her next litter was going to be too late for my requirements. In the end, though, I answered an ad on the local equivalent to Craigslist, from a farmer who was picking up 90 or so piglets from a breeder barn in Alberta and was taking pre-orders. So that part WAS pretty easy. Not how I want to do it in future though.

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