Hog Wild

Five months worth of pigs on the farm.  Tons of fun.

Hauling the pigs to the processor went far better than I had dared to hope.  We were helped out by a friend and neighbour who parked his trailer next to the pigs paddock overnight so we could let the pigs load themselves by feeding them dinner in it.  The plan worked like a charm, and we were able to get going first thing in the morning with absolutely no stress for pigs or people.  Thanks to Bryce from Saanichton Farm for hauling them to the processor for us.  We stopped at True Grain Bread Bakery in Cowichan Bay on the way home and tasted some delicious pastries made with wheat from that Bryce had harvested.  Awesome.

The absence of the pigs has left a hole in my day – morning and evening chores are practically non-existent now.  I miss the eager greeting “did you bring us something” whenever I go past the back of the barn.  We’ve raked and reseeded their paddocks with a grass mix with clover in it, hoping the soon to come autumn rains soak it right in before the sparrows get all of it.

We’re already making plans for next year’s pigs.  Can’t wait.

6 thoughts on “Hog Wild

  1. We will getting pigs very soon. I’m excited for the experience, but not looking forward to the ‘end’ part. I always get attached to my animals!

    • I’m excited for you too. The thing to bear in mind about the end is why you are raising pigs in the first place. We named ours Bacon and Ham as a reminder of what their destiny was to be.

  2. Yeah. Leaves a hole in your day. The day is not complete if I don’t have pigs to check on, count, scratch and feed. It’s going to be a long winter without pigs.

    What did they weigh? Thank goodness they loaded themselves! That’s the way to go.

    • I used the measurement method a day or two before they left, and the biggest one was 280, the smaller about 260. My carcasses got shipped out from the processor to a different place for butchering (not my plan), so I will hopefully find out on Tuesday (we are in a long weekend here, Canadian Thanksgiving), what the hanging weight was/is.

  3. df says:

    What a milestone for you – it must feel good, though that hole in the day would surely be noticeable.

    • Now that I’ve acclimatized to it, the shorter morning and evening chores are feeling pretty good indeed! Like a holiday – I drink my morning cup of tea before I head out instead of after.

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