Family Barbeque

Every year, the local fair happens on Labour Day weekend, right across the road from our place, attracting about 50,000 over the 3 days with halls of vegetables and fruit, jams and jellies, lego, sewing, all kinds of livestock,horses and of course the midway. All of which means that for three days we are not able to drive anywhere as a line of cars reminiscent of the one in Field of Dreams snakes its way past our driveway, and down the road for more than a kilometre or two all day long.

So, in a spirit of “if you can’t beat them, join them”, we have had a tradition for several years now of hosting a family barbeque one of the nights of the fair, inviting  local friends to park at our place for the fair, stay for food, and head on up at sunset to catch the headliner on the music stage. Those who have already spent the day at the fair often choose to hang loose at our place, as once the evening settles in, we usually bring out the propane fire (we still have a fire ban here due to the dry summer), and drag chairs up.

Guests bring their own plates, cutlery etc and lawnchairs, as well as a salad or dessert to share. We provide burgers, sausage dogs, corn on the cob, plus juice and sangria. We had an amazing array of exotic salads this year – quinoa, kamut, antipasto, two types of green salad. People brought watermelon, home grown grapes and brownies for dessert, and one person decorated all the tables with huge branches of cherry tomatoes, which everyone picked at all night long.

There were some changes this year – One friend was able to come for the first time in years, as until this year she has always worked this weekend in the Gulf Islands, and it was she who brought all the cherry tomatoes.  One family who is ALWAYS with us were not able to attend as they had a number of out of town family staying with them – it didn’t feel quite right without them, but there’s always next year.

The pigs enjoyed salad scrapings and corn cobs for breakfast the following morning and the dog spent the next day checking the lawn for dropped bits, and all the kids went back to school.  So ended the summer.

labour day bbq and heron 058

parking lot!

labour day bbq and heron 059

boys burning energy

labour day bbq and heron 062

That’s not a beer fridge, it’s the smoker (where he smoked the sausages for the bbq)

labour day bbq and heron 060

Eldest daughter and her friend slack lining – it’s harder than it looks, and yes, the line is about a foot off the ground

labour day bbq and heron 063

First time they’ve seen each other in two months – lot of talking to catch up on!

labour day bbq and heron 065

Oma and Opa, parents of one of our close friends, surrogate grandparents to many of the kids here.

6 thoughts on “Family Barbeque

  1. Bill says:

    What a wonderful tradition and neighborly thing to do!

    I hope you had a great musical headliner to cap it off that night.

  2. They were not bad, actually – my teens say that I define “good” as music that I recognize from my youth – which may have some truth to it. They were a local group who cover rock from the ’70’s:

  3. Good mix of ages.

    Don’t you get any sun up there? Nobody has a tan!

    • I have a great tan – the only problem is that it washes off in the shower every day.
      This is the great white North, ya know 🙂
      Seriously – up to the week before Labour Day, we had 35 straight days of sun, temps in the high 20’s (I think that’s 80’s to you), it was lovely- but we do look a little pale in the pictures it’s true.

  4. Ages 9 to 82, and except for Oma and Opa, hubby and I would be the oldest adults. More than half the group was under 19.

  5. df says:

    Looks like a great time was had by all; it’s so important to have those kinds of gatherings, and your crew seems to be really good at connecting in that way. Hope you’re enjoying this September.

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