How I spent Canada Day weekend

grad ceremony 2013 085

Friday – Graduation day!  Rehearsal for grad girl at was at 8am (thankfully, her best friend offered to give her a ride to the university for that).  I met them back out here at the hairdresser for the hair and makeup appointment at 1130am (along with 6 other grad girls and their mums – it was very convivial). She got into full formal dress in time to pick up aforementioned best friend in her formal wear, to be back out at the university by 345pm for the French Immersion group photo, followed by the full grad class photo at 4pm. The ceremony itself, which was wonderful, ran from 5-8pm, at which point we parents gratefully bowed out of things and left the grads to enjoy the formal dinner/dance and later the dry after-grad event. Back home, the pigs got dinner a little late (and told me about it) and we three collapsed.

grad ceremony 2013 058

Saturday– I had  taken Saturday day off, an unusual occurrence, and hubby having volunteered to pick up grad girl from the aftergrad at 5am (he can go back to sleep at that time of day – I can’t), younger daughter and I wandered up to the local farmer’s market, where I got a locally roasted coffee and home baked granola bar, and she got a breakfast bun from the 4-H booth. The predicted heat wave had started late Friday afternoon, and was in full force by 10am, so we retired to the shade to enjoy our breakfast and watch the crowd at the market.

Younger daughter and I went to a local U-pick to get enough strawberries for jam.  An hour later, sticky and hot, we had two full ice cream buckets of berries (about 9 lbs) and rewarded ourselves with ice cream cones from the farm market which owns the u-pick. Fortunately, as I was melting from the heat by the time we got home, grad girl had decided that what she really wanted for her celebratory dinner was Chinese food take out. Bliss! No cooking, no clean up. I went early to pick it up, so I could stand in the air conditioning at the restaurant.

Sunday – we took a rare day off from church and had some “quality” family time together – getting ready for a family barbeque that evening, as I’d invited my brother’s family up to celebrate the grad girl. I had a dilemma – the buckets of berries were not going to keep long as the berries were very ripe when we picked them. Make jam today, even though the house is a disaster and we have company coming? Or put it off till Monday and risk being unable to use the berries? Younger daughter and I figured we could whip through the jam in a couple of hours, so we got to it. Three hours later we had 20 jars of jam, and a clean kitchen, but we were just a “little” hot and we still had the house to deal with.

Grad girl and hubby got the back yard tidied up and the grill and picnic area set up. Hubby put his steaks to marinading and assembled his famous greek salad, while I made a very nice potato salad from a Jamie Oliver recipe (no mayo!). The barbecue was true quality family time – lots of laughter and good food and banter. They had brought berries and ice cream for dessert (strangely, I wasn’t all that hungry for strawberries!). Pigs got a late supper again, but also lots of attention, as my niece and nephew hadn’t seen them yet (we might live a few hundred metres apart, but we can go weeks without seeing each other).

Monday – Canada Day! Younger daughter and I had planned to go see the parade in the nearby small town, but I forgot about that when I woke up, and instead got myself dug into thistle hacking before it got too hot. It seemed like the chickens thought I’d finally learned to forage – I was clipping the stems as low to the ground as I could, which made many clumps of grass available for scratching out that hadn’t been due to prickles – and I had an enthusiastic gaggle of helpers murmuring helpfully and darting in and around my feet.

At some point mid-morning, younger daughter appeared to say good morning, and did I want tea (yes, please). I wandered in about 30 minutes later, to learn that the parade was supposed to start just about now. She was philosophical about it, as it was by then very hot again, and would have been blistering at the parade. In the afternoon, she and her older sister (I can’t keep calling her grad girl – all the celebrating is over), went down to my brother’s for a swim in their pool, but before they left, the girls and I helped hubby get our own above ground pool out of storage and set up. After they’d gone, hubby went to town to get a patching kit for the two small holes he’d found in the liner, which meant we had to delay filling it till this evening.

The girls came home wonderfully refreshed, but hubby and I were quite the opposite, so we took ourselves off to the beach with an ersatz picnic of leftover greek salad and water bottles and threw ourselves in the ocean – well almost – we dipped our toes first, and then double dared each other (it was the only way) to go all the way in. Much cooler and spirits restored, we came home to find the girls had fed themselves and were cleaning up the kitchen.

garlic scapes 001

I spent the evening picking and freezing garlic scapes while hubby got started on filling the pool and setting up the pump.  As we sat in the dusk, slapping at mosquitoes and listening to the bald eagle calling his/her mate, we commented that it was the first time in years we’d spend a weekend doing the sort of things families with Monday to Friday work lives do on their weekends – something we haven’t experienced in years, as I have worked Saturdays since 2006 and he has such erratic and unpredictable hours of work.  It’s not that I want to be a Monday to Friday person, exactly – I usually really appreciate my work schedule that gives me days off in the middle of the week.  It’s just that it’s so rare to for all 4 of us to have time off at the same time.  To us it felt like a holiday.



6 thoughts on “How I spent Canada Day weekend

  1. so…busy much?

    Do they have to grow up?

    • I know, right? The growing up process does seem to be somewhat inexorable. I totally regret those secret wishes years ago that they’d hurry up and move out of whatever phase they were in…I spend most of my secret wishes now wishing they could slow down and not grow up for a few years. I think my wishes are in direct conflict with theirs, however….

      You got through February, I got through June…we made it through our respective insane months. Onwards and upwards.

  2. Bill says:

    Congrats on the graduation! We just went through that with our daughter. A wonderful day of mixed emotions…

    I know what you mean about weekends. We worked until after 9 last night (Friday) getting ready for the farmer’s market. It’s 5:26 a.m. on Saturday as I write this (taking a break for a copy of coffee) and I’ll be heading out in a minute or two to pick for the market. When it’s over we’ll come home to regular farm chores and gardens and animals in need of tending.

    I don’t miss the weekdays in the office, but I do sometimes miss the lazy Saturdays. 🙂

    • Yes, exactly. And I admit, knowing a few personally, I have a lot of respect for market vendors – the picking, packing, prepping and on top of that – the early start to the morning – wow. I’m sure glad you guys go through all that so I can buy my fancy greens!

  3. df says:

    Sounds like it was a truly special long weekend for your family, all the more so for how unusual it was to actually get a weekend together. I know those feelings around the ‘should we?, shouldn’t we?’ of the berries – well done to you and your daughter for getting it done, and during such hot weather too! You’ll be so glad to have those jars of jam. Congrats to ‘grad girl’!

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