Mid June Field walk and more

Busy, crazy busy month. Appointments (dentist x 3, doctor x 2, vet x 2), extra work shifts, and hubby’s busiest season for work. End of year ceremonies for performing arts, Pathfinders, and the church grad dinner. Everything is just growing so darned fast – grass, weeds, blackberries. The first baby llama was born down at my brother’s place, an exciting event. Exams for the girls start this week at school. Grad for the eldest is in 2 weeks – exams are a minor anxiety compared to the fact that we have not yet found the right SHOES. We’re not panicking, exactly…

The hay on the first field got cut at the beginning of the month, on what was supposed to be the first day of a 6 day sunny stretch. It rained that night of course. However, it wasn’t torrential, and the rest of the week was sunny. The bald eagle pair, the local ravens and a turkey vulture have been literally having a field day scooping up field mice and rabbits that were suddenly left homeless.

The pigs are growing nicely, now three months old. They filled in the Hole to China (or more precisely the Hole to the Indian Ocean about 100 miles south of Madagascar) for some reason, and it has since become a longish trench – perhaps the Panama Canal? We’re still gearing up to move them to a new patch – maybe later this week. They definitely want more grass.

And that’s the kind of month it’s been so far. Taking a deep breath as we launch into the second half.

4 thoughts on “Mid June Field walk and more

  1. df says:

    Take a deep breath and keep on plugging away; sounds like a very busy time for you all! I know that finding those SHOES will definitely make everything else fall into place, won’t it! Fantastic to see these photos and hear a little of progress at your place. That baby llama is too sweet, and I can’t believe how quickly those pigs have grown. I bet that knowing they were going to spill into a big ocean probably put them off deep tunneling.

    • Isn’t it Dory in “Finding Nemo” who says “just keep swimming…”That’s what I’m doing, all right. As of tonight, the girls have each finished one exam, both feel good about them, and the eldest and I have made a date to go shoe shopping Wednesday. And I’m eating a chocolate chip cookie made by one of them for Father’s day…things are definitely looking brighter.

  2. Good post. I like the format with the pictures at the bottom.

    I was in Florida when I would have done the June pasture walk. I should do one soon.

  3. I was curious as to how other people in WordPress were doing slide shows, and when I went to search for that, found that there are lots of options for displaying pictures. Live and learn. Yes, looking forward to seeing your pasture walk…I’m aiming for mid-month with mine, but looking at it last night, there’s already been a lot of change.

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