Pigs in clover

…well, grass, clover, thistles, blackberries, old straw, a stump, etc.

The pigs are at 8 weeks now, good hearty appetites, and lots more confidence around us. Here they are, to paraphrase Joel Salatin, expressing the pigness of pigs:

pig 8 weeks 026

Bacon is digging, Ham is supervising

pig 8 weeks 013

Ham needs to go wash her face

pig 8 weeks 003

Good to the last drop

pig 8 weeks 009

Are you here to feed us already?

pig 8 weeks 019

Smile for the camera



4 thoughts on “Pigs in clover

  1. They are so cute. I have to constantly remind myself that they’re food. Then they do something like get into the garden or go visit the neighbors. It starts getting easier! 🙂

    • My younger girl (aka the bacon monster) keeps telling me how ugly the piglets are; when I asked why she thought so, she said she didn’t think so at all, but she needed to train her mind to believe that….

  2. df says:

    Such wonderfully characterful photos, and so nice to see pigs just being pigs. Lovely images.

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