May flowers bring….Pigs!

18th Birthday and new piglets 010

Meet Bacon and Ham, now the youngest girls on the farm. Born 11 March, and brought over from a commercial operation in Chilliwack by a 4-H acquaintance on the weekend,  they are about 8 weeks old, Landrace/Yorkshire X, and look to be in pretty good shape. Ham is slightly shorter (and bossier), but has good meaty back quarters. Bacon is a longer pig, slightly taller and a little less confident than Ham.

As you can tell from their names, these piggies are destined for the freezer. One side for us, two more sides are pre-sold, and the 4th side will be sausage which we will direct sell. It is very hard to stand there watching these gals cavort and play in the grass, snuggle and cuddle in straw and not call them “cute” – but I’m resisting…you can tell.

18th Birthday and new piglets 012

4 thoughts on “May flowers bring….Pigs!

  1. df says:

    Oh, I have major pig envy! They are wonderful. Isn’t naming an animal headed for slaughter breaking the cardinal rule, though? 🙂 I hope you’ll be sharing more about these two.

    • You’re right about the naming…but I’m hoping that with these particular names, and as the pigs get less cute and more piggish that we’ll be OK…and frankly, I tend to call them “pig, pig” more often than not anyway.

  2. Oh. Just say it. They’re cute.

    That will only last till they become annoying at 150 pounds…then dangerous at 300. Then you’ll be ready to ship those monsters and get more cuties!

  3. They’re cute :).
    I’m banking on the prospect of their diminishing cuteness.

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