Burn, baby, burn


raw material

Believe it or not, I’m still here…though you’d never know it from this blog.


We’re not doing a whole lot of farming stuff just now, though we should be – the list of projects and “need to do” stuff is endless – but life is full in other areas, and while the weather was miserable, we were happily putting off the projects.


they look like ships in line astern…

In February, both kids earned some money by hacking blackberries which grow rampant around the place. Huge mounds of bramble began to accumulate, so in early March, during Spring break, we hauled the piles to the field and the older daughter and I burned them. Burning rules locally require a fire no more than a cubic meter (equivalent to a yard), not to mention only Thursday, Friday or Saturday before noon.  So one person stayed by the fire and added to it from the piles, while the other hauled more piles in from around the property. We had a perfect burn day, just a light breeze, and the piles were dry enough that we burned the entire shebang in one hour. No petroleum used to start the fire by the way, just a few matches and two paper feed bags, unlike my neighbour who seems categorically unable to start a fire without that exciting and somewhat dangerous “whoooof” of gasoline soaked starter material.


I had my laparoscopic gall bladder surgery last week.  Yippee!!  I’m walking wounded at this point, still unable to lift anything heavier than the cat, which pretty much rules out feed sacks, full laundry baskets, wheelbarrows, etc.  On the other hand, I’m eating all sorts of delicious things again, which is a real joy. And the family have taken the most wonderful care of me, so that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my lazy convalescence, being waited on hand and foot, reading sappy novels and dozing in the sun after lunch.  I thought such behaviour couldn’t ever be boring, but I’ve found I prefer it in short bursts, so have begun getting back into the household routine, trying not to see too much of what needs doing outside that I most definitely will have to wait on for a while – fenceposts, digging, clipping and hauling, mulching, cleaning out…still, as someone said the other day, it will all be there when I’m allowed to lift stuff again.  Indeed.


From heavy weather jacket to t shirt in 1 hour. Thanks, kiddo!

9 thoughts on “Burn, baby, burn

  1. John Watson (MSSG) says:

    Thank you – pe daily touch with life in Canada.

  2. Thanks! Glad you like it :).

  3. Well, you can still type. I assume you can take pictures of the work you are neglecting. You need a 4-wheeler so you can be the job boss from your seat. That’ll go over well…

    • I like the idea of supervising from the seat of a 4 wheeler – maybe I could adapt the riding lawn mower?
      I have no plans to take pictures of all the projects I’m not getting to – I’m already depressed about that – but if you check out the top picture in this blog post, two or three are there: the pallet crib full of old lumber that needs to be de-nailed and then burnt; the old pasture pen with remains of blue tarp ditto, clean up some junk lying against the side of the barn, and install some electric fencing – this area is intended to be the first two pig paddocks when they arrive next month.

  4. Carrie says:

    Congrats on a successful operation – take it easy for a while. When you’re fit to tackle projects again… the blasted tasks will still be there! :-))

  5. df says:

    It must be a blessed relief to be the other side of your surgery, and it sounds like a great success – so happy for you. The burn day looks like fun; as you know, we’re big fans of a good burn too. We would so love to have your blackberries, by the way – my husband can’t find anywhere to get a blackberry plant, and pines for them as only an Englishman can.

    • Thanks! Yes, I’m happy to be this side of it, for sure. Eldest daughter just broke her toe today, climbing, so we’re a fine pair – me not lifting, her hobbling…. I was absolutely horrified to discover that the nurseries here have taken to selling blackberry plants in the spring. Thornless ones. I should start a campaign to have them all shipped to Ontario.

      • df says:

        Warmest wishes to your daughter; hope that toe is feeling better soon! It is nice that you can take turns caring for each other as you both convalesce. My husband has asked me, in earnest, if you’d ship a blackberry cutting to Ontario and we’ll of course cover the cost. You know you can email me at df AT wuppenif.com. I’m serious!

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