Goals for 2013

1.  Take the “big” chicken house down to the studs, and replace all the walls and doors.  Less of a goal, more of a We HAVE to Do This;  chunks of wall are falling off in all this rain.

2.  Pigs – we’ve committed to raising 2 (or 3) weaners to market size, keeping one side for our own freezer, have pre-sold 2 more, any takers for the other 3 sides?  The goal is just to do the learning curve on this whole process, with electric fence, the critters themselves,  getting a feel for whether this is something that fits for us.

3.  Doubling our broiler sales.  This means growing out about 2oo birds.  Unless we build another field shelter and rustle up more customers, then we could surpass our goal!

4.  Doubling our production of soft apple cider. And trying to time it with the end of the pear crop, so we can mix some pear juice in, which should sweeten it up a little.

5.  Grad for the eldest daughter.  The goal is for us to survive what is shaping up to be a stressful month in June. For her too, of course.

December 2012 climbing and more 444

At 20 ft here, she went to the roof (65 ft) which is out of the picture. She climbs 5 days a week, coaches little kids on Saturdays.

6. The last big family trip.  Number one daughter will be working and training for her new career next year, so we think this is our last chance to travel all four together.  We’ve got a couple places in mind, any one of which will be amazing, but we need to know when my gall bladder surgery will be.  Also, we cannot do it too close to June, see goal #5.  We also have to work around the arrival of the weaners, which depends on which sow we get them from – sometime between Feb and April.  Goal:  get booked for surgery.

7. Get a third vegetable bed into production, so we can start rotating crops better.  This is tractor work that will have to wait for late spring, if we don’t want huge wheel ruts everywhere.  We’re looking at 100 ft by 10ft.

8. Use our bikes for local errands (library, quick grocery run, bank, etc).

9.  Finish clearing blackberries from around the little hen house (we only cleared one side this year.  There is rhubarb under there somewhere, or there used to be.

10.  Begin replacing perimeter fenceposts.  We haven’t costed this out yet, but it’s on the to do list.

Tree planting didn’t make this list, but it probably should have.  Also earthquake readiness – we have a bare bones kit, but it’s not all in one place and needs some updating, as well as some water.   A truck remains on my list, if no one else’s.  And another cat or two, to keep the mice at bay. Hubby is making noises about a hoop house.  Goals or dreams?  I’ll stick with the 10 above for now, and see how we do.

Happy New Year!

11 thoughts on “Goals for 2013

  1. Gall bladder surgery? Gall bladder surgery?!?!?

    Like your June, I have been looking at February for some time with a bit of fear. It just keeps coming anyway.

    • Be sure to check out this month’s Acres USA starting on P. 80. It’s an article about gall bladder health and finishes with a suggestion that 0% of the people I know who have had their gall bladders removed have been told: suppliment your diet with bile salts.

      • I sadly do not have a subscription to Acres USA, but will research the topic elsewhere; however, from previous searches regarding the gallbladder, I thought the liver produced bile salts in the bile, so the idea of supplements is mysterious. I will go and search.

    • February? February ?!?!? I’m thinking your brood is a little young to have a graduate just yet, surely, lol. Yup, got diagnosed about a month ago, my surgeon to be is away doing some charity work in a hospital in Zimbabwe, I’ll find out my date when he gets back in the next week or two. In the meantime, I’m eating a disgustingly healthy diet, which has actually given me more energy, so there’s a lesson there.

      • LOL…no graduation. Just a pile of work around Valentines day. I’ll tap maple trees, broiler chicks should arrive, I need to sew clover in the pastures, begin planting peas and radishes and finish cutting wood for next winter. March will be the month of fence building.

  2. df says:

    Sounds like a big year for your family! Getting into pigs sounds so neat, and we’ll be reading with great interest. I’m also so envious of your apple cider production; we’re still struggling along with reclaiming an orchard that was neglected for years, and the past couple of years have been terrible for our apple crops in our area anyway.

    Do you have an idea of where you might go for your family holiday? That will be very special to plan.

    • Yes, we’re excited about the pigs, too. Our apple orchard is very decrepit, but we have a friendly arborist who prunes in exchange for chicken, and they’ve responded amazingly well, hence the ambitions for cider – that said, we are planting new trees this year (or so we intend :)). Trip destination – I’ll tell you when we come back – because I’m afraid to jinx it by saying out loud (so to speak) and then not be able to do it because of surgery :(. It is exciting though, if we can pull it off, so if we do, you can be sure I will tell all.

      • df says:

        I forgot to say too that I wish you the best possible outcome with your surgery; I can see why you are holding some plans close until you know more about how parts of your year will unfold!

      • Thanks :). I will definitely keep you posted once things are actually happening!

  3. I’ve more goals for this year than we’ll accomplish but I have yet to write them down! My next goal is to get those seeds ordered – TOMORROW! 🙂 Moving to a new farm we’re starting over and have no garden but there is plenty of space for one, little fencing and low funds. We’ve raised pigs for ourselves for several years now and sold extras and I need a boar so my sow can be bred but Michael is considering butchering her instead and buying more in the spring. I’m of two minds about it. She was a slow grower so may not produce the best offspring. I like raising pigs but they can be really hard to contain even with electric. Best of luck with yours!

    • I am using the blog as a kind of accountablity thing when I post about things like goals. If I don’t go public with them, I have a tendency to cheat myself on them, and procrastinate…and then not achieve anything.
      Good luck with the seed order – I’m always overwhelmed by choice and have a terrible time actually committing to the order.
      The guy we are getting the weaners from has a boar and 5 sows, and lives 5 minutes away, so I’m hoping I never have to get into breeding. Never say never of course! Yes, we’ve been warned about fencing. Our pig farmer is going to help us set that up, and he’s already walked our perimeter with us to give advice about what needs reinforcing.

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