Pear Production

Two people, four hours, 10 gallons of pears, 3 dozen jars.  “Can” it be done?

Yes!  We did it!  Total was 24 quarts.  In Canada we buy juice, milk, etc in litres, but we can our pears in quart jars, despite Bernardin’s efforts to label the box correctly – go figure.  Did you spot the jar that says “Newfie Beets 1998” on it?  I’ve been using that jar for 14 years, and the label still hasn’t come off in the washing/sterilizing/boiling process.  What it does tell me is that I’ve been using at least some of my jars for 14 years.  That’s good eco-practice, for sure.  It means the jar is as old as one of my kids.  hmmm.

Two jars didn’t seal, but that’s ok, we put one in the fridge and ate the other one last night for dinner. Yum.


8 thoughts on “Pear Production

  1. wildramp says:

    Send me your canning recipe at and I will include it in our community cookbook that I am compiling for our local farmers indoor year-round market with a link to your blog!!

    • Ha – it’s not even a recipe – just pears, boiling water and time. I’ll email the proper instructions when I get home, but seriously, that’s all. Maybe I’ll send you something slightly more recipe-ish as well 🙂

  2. Good for you using wide mouth jars. I can’t fit my hand in one but I can almost touch the bottom with my fingertips. I have to use a wooden spoon to wash regular-mouth quarts.

    • I vastly prefer wide mouth jars for canning larger stuff like this. I don’t can tomatoes anymore, but used to use wide mouth for them too. Come to think of it, I’m not sure the big canning supply company here (Bernardin) even sells quart/litre jars with standard mouth anymore. So apparently you have large hands 🙂

  3. df says:

    What a nice big batch of pears, how wonderful! I’m impressed that you’ve been using some jars for fourteen years; I’m still a real newbie at canning (this was my second year). Hilarious that the beets label is so darn tenacious! Very inspiring to see such a big batch being prepared.

  4. The pears were all from one tree, and we gave 2 buckets like this to my neighbour who dries them as slices, and another two buckets to a friend with 4 kids, who also cans them. The chickens got all the windfalls, maybe another 2 buckets…I obviously count like Noah 🙂

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