Harvest Feast

courtesy of Bob Thompson, Rambling Feats Communications

Dinner for 300 people, are you up for it?  We’re getting ready locally for the feast of feasts.  Tons to do at a busy time of year, but it’s so worth it…

All food for the Feast is grown within 20 km of here, except the dairy and the cranberries, both of which do at least come from the Island, so are well within the 100 mile zone.  Actually the tea and coffee are not local either, though the herbal tea is, and the coffee is organic, fair trade, locally roasted.  I guess sugar isn’t local either, and there’s plenty in the pies….ok, enough, you get that it’s as local as we can make it, right?

I love this Feast, love what it celebrates, love the food, love the way it brings the community together.  Here’s a great article about it from the local rag.  The picture shows some of the Ag society members serving dessert last year (they guy in the check shirt serving blueberry crisp is my brother, who enjoys this feast as much as I do).   If you want a glimpse of the menu for this year, check out this link.

Yours truly will be helping out, as I did last year, with veggie prep at a local catering company’s kitchen the day before and helping break down tables and sort compost, pig scraps etc after the dinner.  Fun huh?  I’m happy to do it.   Last year, I got to take home a couple of quarts of leftover salmon chowder – my price went far above rubies with my husband over that one!


3 thoughts on “Harvest Feast

  1. df says:

    Sounds truly wonderful! So envious that you’ll have lemon meringue pie made with locally grown lemons from the peninsula!

    • It is wonderful, though the lemon meringue pie is a bit if a swindle – it is usually a draw prize, as there is only one pie – which wouldn’t go far with 300 eaters! It’s not exactly an ideal lemon climate – we may have mild winters, but we do get plenty of frost and not quite enough sunlight. I think they grow well under cover though, so I’m not sure why the various hot house people around don’t grow them – I guess because they’re perennial.

      • df says:

        That is illuminating! I wondered if you had a special micro-climate that made it possible. You may get it yet, of course! Anyway – enjoy your wonderful feast.

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