Unbelievably, our completely neglected, suffering little peach tree has managed to produce 7 beautiful peaches.  We’ve eaten one, these 6 will get picked tomorrow.  Yum!  In our damp, cool climate, the local advice is to grow peaches under an overhang of some sort, out of the rain, in full sun.  Against the south side of a house is about the best you can do.   No one grows peaches on any kind of scale here, all our peaches for canning have to come from the interior of BC, from a beautiful valley around a lake, an area called the Okanagan Valley.  In the dry heat of summer there, they grow all sorts of fruit, and also miles of grapes for the dozen or more wineries around the lake.

This is Peaches and Cream sweet corn, from a local farm stand.  Local corn hit the stands last weekend.  Now this is a crop that is grown in quantity in this area. Interestingly, I would say this is one of the few things that nearly everyone in town considers mandatory to buy from the farmer rather than the grocery store -the 3 major growers all do a booming trade till about the end of September.  Canada geese and deer are a huge problem in the corn fields, some of which are just a few acres away from us.  The farm across from us uses an air gun at random intervals to deter the geese, who rise up in clouds – several hundred at a time – when it goes off.  The noise of their honking is incredible, and a real sign that fall is almost with us.


4 thoughts on “Peaches’n’cream

  1. Annie Carlson says:

    Peaches!! We love peaches, but alas, we are zone 4. No peaches for us. We get them from Colorado as a Youth For Christ fundraiser, usually 6-8 lugs and I can them like a mad woman so we can eat them all year!

  2. Gavin Webber says:

    My two peach trees are just about to blossom. I am looking forward to lots of yummy peaches this year! x

    • Ooohh..jealous…we can never get enough peaches here. We need to try again with a new tree, and look after it better. Did you know Queen Mary, grandmother of the present Queen, used to eat peaches in gloves? With a knife and fork. Can you imagine? I always have juice dripping down my elbows….

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