Caution – Kids at work

We hired the girls to paint all the exterior trim and woodwork on the house this summer, as well as the storm windows (which are new).  We’ve offered a substantial sum to each upon completion of their section of house, and they seem pretty motivated.  We had very uncooperative weather for painting for the first few weeks of the summer holidays, so the project only got underway this week.

Younger daughter adding another coat to the storms

This is an older house (the main part was built in 1925), 1 1/2 storeys, so there’s a fair bit of ladder work.  Good thing the girls chosen sports give them such great upper body strength – one fences (as in swords, not wire, sadly), the other is a wall climber (NOT as in “she’s so bored, she’s climbing the walls”, the other kind, with ropes and harnesses and grips on the wall).

older daughter washing down and scraping the woodwork on the east side

Both kids have other jobs on the go, and older daughter is still living at her house sitting job a couple of kilometres away.  Fortunately her summer job is just down the road from here, so she has been coming here for dinner and doing her painting stuff in the evenings.  The younger child has more time on her hands, but needs a little more guidance as well, so she’s been working when one of us is home; in addition she is hacking blackberries with me and has all her older sister’s household work while she’s away.  Such is the lot of the youngest kid!

Today got up to about 32 degrees (I think that’s around 90 F), so the pool got a workout before dinner when those hot sweaty painters jumped in to cool off.


2 thoughts on “Caution – Kids at work

  1. I may have a bit of grill envy. Every grill I’ve ever had either came out of the trash or was a hand-me-down. (sniff…)

    • That is the second grill he’s owned in our marriage – the first one was a clearance sale item from a drug store, marked down because it was the demo – it wobbled horribly for 10 years, but worked just fine, until the bottom fell out. This one is about 10 years old also, and was again a clearance item, this time from an auto shop. I don’t know why he shops in these places for grills, nor why they sell them there. We have friends with big silver George Foreman approved behemoths, and the food doesn’t taste any better, maybe not even as good. I think it’s the cook myself…

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