7 thoughts on “Salatin as succinct as ever

  1. Awesome. I’ll be listed there tonight. Thanks.

    • Saw your listing – you need one of your customers to review you.

      • How did you find it? I can’t even find it. My customers can’t find it. I emailed the site about it. I can’t even get the form to populate my city. I wonder if that site is ready for prime time.

      • Ummmm….I clicked on your tweet…because I thought you were kidding when you commented :). And then I saw your tweet, and clicked, and there you were, and I realized you did do it. Gotta tell you, I got the picture link from the Polyface Farm facebook page. I didn’t know a thing about it until I clicked over to see what I was linking to. Thought it looked good, et voila.

      • Well, I’m glad your figuring it out, but it needs to be a bit more user friendly by the sound of it.

      • Are you in Local Harvest? That one is well established, and user friendly.

      • OH. You can find it if you go through the directory but his search feature doesn’t seem to work. And the city doesn’t show up correctly. Looks like most people put the city in the address line to get around it.

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