To swim or not to swim

They set the pool up just over a week ago, while I was at work.  We had a week of warm weather, and were checking the temperature daily to see if it was warm enough to go in.  And then last night, for whatever reason, perhaps because of the cooler weather we’ve had the last couple of days, someone said at dinner, “Do you realize we got the pool set up in July and we might not even swim in it until August?”  This could not be allowed, so they all got into their swim togs and went to consider the situation:

And then they checked the thermometer:

I realize it’s a terrible picture, but even so, I’m sure you can tell that it says slightly less than 20 Celcius, perhaps about 18, and that would make it about 65 Fahrenheit.  Sane people would call it a day and go help their Mum with chicken chores, but we’re not entirely sane around here (or perhaps freezing your backside off is better than chores) and they did indeed go in.  For which I have no picture!  Not because the in/out was done at the speed of light (though that’s almost true) but because when people saw the pictures of themselves in bathing suits, they excercised their rights to edit what goes on the blog.  Sorry – you’ll just have to imagine the excruciating faces they made when they got in past their waists.

5 thoughts on “To swim or not to swim

  1. We put in a pool in June. It feels great, even on those bath-water-warm days, after you’ve been doing chores.

  2. We swim in the pond every month we aren’t ice skating, though we have ice skated and gone swimming in the same month.

    • Awesome that you have a pond to do both those things. Does it have fish? We live very close to the ocean (5 minute drive) but the Pacific at this latitude is pretty chilly. I’ll go in if I’m really hot, but otherwise, just paddling is fine. The pool does mean we spend less time at the beach, which I count as a loss, but it is a lot less chilly to swim in as well.

      • Fish, frogs, turtles…yup. The pond attracts a lot of wildlife at night, especially during the drought. But, because of the drought you can almost watch the water level drop each day. Also, it’s a little unpleasant to swim in right now because the surface water is hot. It’s nice and cool 6′ down so I go in and kick cool water up to the kids and everybody has a good time.

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