Oh dear, who have we here?

I know, you can’t see anything – click to enlarge

Saw these two early this morning when I was out doing feed and water for the birds on pasture.  Now I know who ate all my peas…

Q.  What do you call a deer with no eyes?  No idea.

Q  What do you call a deer with no eyes and no legs?  Still no idea…

6 thoughts on “Oh dear, who have we here?

  1. The deer got my peas one year. They got them just as they were blooming. I was heart broken!

    • It is sickening, isn’t it? They got mine when the pods had formed, but the peas inside hadn’t. I now have 2m high fencing around my garden, nothing like shutting the gate after the horse as bolted…

      • We put a hot wire around our garden this year. Besides the deer, we have real problems with raccoons eating our melons and corn. I hope it helps.

      • yeah, racoons can be a pain. My father in law used to swear by leaving a radio tuned to an all talk station in the garden to keep them out of the corn – worked well, till the radio disappeared :).

  2. R C says:

    I’ve been hand sowing buckwheat on the edges of my growing areas. The deer prefer to eat it over what’s in my garden – peas, squash and even corn.

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