Potluck dinner

“Bring your own chair and something yummy to share”.

If, like me, you have chickens and sell eggs, what do you take to parties like this?   Why, Devilled Eggs of course!

Now, I am not the best devilled egg maker in the family.  My big effort at making them special was to sprinkle chives on top.  My husband and older daughter each have “secret” ingredients – one uses anchovy paste, one uses tabasco, and I must say their devilled eggs do have that extra zip.  My simple recipe didn’t seem to matter, though.  I brought home an empty dish.

How about you?  What’s your standby for potlucks?  Secret ingredient?

6 thoughts on “Potluck dinner

  1. wvfarm2u says:

    I notice the missing egg….and it wasn’t me this time!

  2. Kimberley says:

    ooh, those look yummy and I haven’t made those in years! (I dream of having chickens). My potluck go-to in winter is my warm spinach dip or bacon wrapped prawns. Can’t go wrong with bacon. In summer, I usually do a fruity dessert with fresh fruit. Or smoked salmon.

    • Half of my family would probably drool over your bacon wrapped prawns and two fo us would just take the bacon off and hand back the prawns, lol. I love spinach dip, but my winter standby for potlucks is usually something like apple crisp or a fruit pie.

  3. TBirdsMomma says:

    Ahhh, homemade smoked sockeye… Just pull it out of the freezer in the morning, and “wa-la!” It would feel like cheating if people didn’t gobble it up so gratefully… 😉

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