Smart Chic and Dumb Chick

SMART CHIC:  Our younger daughter went to a Mad Hatter Tea birthday party – apparently 14 is not too old for dress up, because she went in several layers from our old dress up box, and spent a good portion of Sunday making a Mad Hat out of an old lampshade, by sewing scraps of fake fur around the edge and sequins in patterns on some of the sides.  The result was really quite good.  Here she is modelling it yesterday.  I wish I had a picture of her full ensemble, as the overall effect was very Mad Hatter in a Tim Burton sort of way, but at least we have the Hat:

This morning, when I went to check on chicks and do their feed and water, I was greeted by this sight, without question in the category of DUMB CHICK:

I suppose it was smart from the chicken’s perspective, since she got a lot of feed all to herself, but she was completely stuck in there, with no hope of getting out without my help.   She was not remotely grateful to be taken out, and complained of murder loudly.  Little does she know.

2 thoughts on “Smart Chic and Dumb Chick

  1. Braids are cool.

    How many more weeks on the birds? They look close.

    • They actually just went out on the field yesterday – they’re 4 weeks, another 3 to go.
      You should have seen the braids when she dressed for the party – she wove ribbons through, and let them hang from the end – very wild and cool looking.

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