Good Days and Bad Days

We all have them.  Bad days, I mean.

Anne of Green Gables used to call them Jonah days – the ones where nothing goes right.  Alexander in the famous book by Judith Viorst used to call it “a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day”.

Farming is like any other lifestyle, it has good and bad days too.  Last year, my friend the Hay Guy had incredible bad luck with the weather, and almost every field of hay he cut got rained on.   I bet you could tell a few stories too.  In blogdom, we tend to keep it upbeat, and we mostly take pictures in sunshine.  But the darker days are there – when chicks die for no reason we can find, when the heat is unbearable, but jobs still have to get done, when we get injured right in the middle of planting or harvesting season.  Aches, pains, lack of sleep, too much to do.  Some days it makes you just want to give it all up and go live in a condo and grow nothing riskier than petunias.

Fortunately there are seasons to farming, and bad times pass eventually.  Hope rises again, new life appears, our spirits lift.  Growing and caring for the plants and animals that are to become our food – it is a great calling, and comes with responsibilities and cares that give us both delight and despair. A big part of farming is to have patience, to wait out the storms, the bad weather, the bad days, and look forward to the next season with whatever it may bring.

Yesterday I posted about having an ordinary day that was full of small moments of light and happiness and treasured minutes.  At the same time, a farmer whose blog I follow was having a different kind of day:  Whats it’s like being a farmer. – Kansas City Sustainable Beef, Chicken, Pork Story – Synergistic Acres.  If you have time, give the guy a few words of encouragement.  It’ll be our turn for a bad day soon enough.


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