Future egg layers

The new laying flock arrived Wednesday morning, 58 of them.  These are Red Sussex Cross, a hybrid from Rochester Hatchery in Alberta.  I haven’t tried this breed before, but they are supposed to be good dual purpose birds; they are a cross between Rhode Islands and Columbian Rocks.  I can’t remember whether the rooster is RI or CR, but whatever….they are very pretty chicks.

You may remember I was forced to get creative in making a brooder for them.  Here’s what I came up with:


These pictures were taken Wednesday morning when they arrived – even after two days, they are still pretty flighty – crowding away from whoever comes into the room, as you can see above.  Because I left for the Joel Salatin workshop Wednesday afternoon, and my husband was still pretty sick, the girls looked after both batches of chicks for me, and did a wonderful job.  And I’m glad to say my husband’s infection is under control finally – he doesn’t have to go in for the IV treatments anymore, just has to swallow three huge capsules a day for the next week.  He’s smiling again, always a good sign.

3 thoughts on “Future egg layers

  1. Glad the man is feeling better. Birds might just be flighty because they are hybrids. Hybrid often equals hystrung.

    Looking forward to your workshop stories and to hearing what you do when the chicks figure out they can jump in 5….4….3….2….

    • Haha, the pool is certainly only a short term solution, but it should hold them for another week – I hope. The hybrid thing may indeed be a factor, but with the two breeds involved, I wouldn’t have expected flighty – the ISA brown is half leghorn, the breed that defines flighty, and it shows in their temperament, which is another reason I don’t want them anymore. I’m working on some posts re:workshop as we speak, having trouble paring it down. Pithy, I’m not.

  2. […] we got 58 layer chicks about 5 weeks ago?  They outgrew their wading pool not long after they arrived, though we bought […]

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