It’s JS day!

That’s Joel Salatin Day…
But not for several hours yet, because there’s a lot to get done before I go catch the ferry.
The new layer chicks arrived at 6 am this morning – if you’ve been following, you might remember that I said they were coming Friday, which is definitely NOT today – I had marked it differently on the two calendars I use, and today turned out to be the day. I was fortunately more or less ready. I went with the wading pool for their brooder, but was a bit stuck on how to suspend the heat lamp safely – eventually I put a short stepladder in the wading pool, and hung the lamp down the middle of it. Poor boy, but it works. They seem happy enough.

Also to get done today before I leave: finish thistles, hang laundry, put dinner in the crockpot, get groceries, plus normal chick and chicken chores. My husband is still quite sick, really only mobile enough to get to the hospital for his antibiotic IV and home again, so everything has to be set up for the girls to handle while I’m gone. Good thing that’s going to be less than 24 hours or I wouldn’t go. I’m so grateful they’re capable enough to cope without me like this.

The ferry ride to Saltspring is beautiful and only 30 minutes, so it will be a nice transition from life at home to the workshop. Tonight Joel is talking for a couple of hours on his book “Folks, This Ain’t Normal”. Tomorrow morning the full day workshop on pastured livestock begins after breakfast. Random photographer is clearing off the card in the camera so there’s lots of room for pictures, and she’s shown me the basics of how to use it, so I might even have pictures of the day, if we’re lucky, and I learned well.

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