the first chicks arrived!

The arrival of new chicks just never gets old for me!  I picked up 100 broiler chicks from the post office early this morning.  They came from Rochester Hatchery in Alberta.  See that sun patch in the corner of the brooder? Finally!  There’s something about sunshine and this abundance of new life that fills this day with possibility.

The new layer chicks (Red Sussex Cross) arrive next Friday.  Yes, I only have one brooder set up. Nope, no idea what I’m going to do next week.  But we’ll figure it out.  I can do anything on a day like this…

7 thoughts on “the first chicks arrived!

  1. Love it! Something about new life that opens up all kinds of possibilities! I may wait till Fall to tackle my first group of broilers…days are getting hot and humid here in AL with avg highs of 90 and no rain in sight for the next 10-14 days; not exactly good conditions to keep the birds comfortable.

    • Wow, you guys do get warm down there! I actually would not normally do broilers through this time period either, up here in the cold damp north 🙂 (it’s not that bad), we do get some hot weather in mid to late July. However, thank to some procrastination on my part (see my Thief of Time post), I’m doing it this year, praying it won’t get too hot. I would normally want to have them processed by mid-July, so having them arrive in mid to late May. I have ordered another batch to arrive at the end of July, which is fine, since they need it warm as babies, and what I normally do. They’ll go out on the field in late August, and by then I’ll probably be praying for no rain…never happy, we farmers.

  2. How many chicks on Friday? What I mean to say is will they fit in the bathtub?

    • Only 55 or so, and being layers, they won’t need the same kind of brooder space the broilers do for quite a while, so the bathtub would work – but I want my bathtub for family use! I used a plastic wading pool a couple of years ago, which I think is still in OK condition, I’m hoping to use that.

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